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The CoreNet Global Summit stands as a beacon for professionals in the corporate real estate sector, drawing industry leaders, innovators, and practitioners from around the globe to engage in a confluence of ideas and trends shaping the future of corporate real estate. National Lease Advisors attended the recent summit, held in Denver, with a focus on harnessing the collective wisdom and fostering connections that propel the industry forward. Representing the National Lease Advisors team were Ed Muna (President), Michael Muna (Vice President and Co-Founder), Samantha Mitchum (Director), and Tiffany Smithson (Director).

Embracing the role of both attendees and sponsors, National Lease Advisors ventured into the summit with the aim of cementing our presence within the industry and forging new connections. We stepped into the conference with a clear objective: to absorb and bring back valuable knowledge and to integrate these insights into their services, ultimately benefiting our clients.

At the forefront of their summit agenda, our team prioritized attending sessions on technological integration within lease management and the future of workspace optimization. With an ever-evolving landscape of remote work policies and a heightened focus on cost-efficiency, we found the discussions around flexible workspaces and scalable leasing strategies particularly pertinent to their mission of providing clients with adaptable and economically sensible real estate solutions.

Networking was another significant component of the summit, and our team capitalized on the opportunity to connect with other leaders in the field. The NLA team engaged in meaningful discussions on best practices, shared challenges, and innovative solutions, fostering partnerships that extend beyond the event. Such connections are essential for collaborative growth and the collective advancement of the industry.

As we reflect on a successful journey to Denver, we stand poised to integrate the insights gained into our work, reinforcing their commitment to excellence and client service. The CoreNet Global Summit was not just a learning opportunity but a stepping stone for National Lease Advisors in our journey towards becoming an even more integral part of the corporate real estate community.

2023 marked the debut of National Lease Advisors at the summit, and we are already looking forward to our next appearance at the 2024 CoreNet Global Summit in Washington, D.C. With a year of further growth and learning ahead, the team is poised to return with even more to offer and to gain from this gathering of corporate real estate’s finest.

National Lease Advisors is a 100% US-based team focused on providing lease administration services. The firm focuses on clients with multiple locations both regionally and globally and helps them manage their lease contracts, and provides lease accounting, transaction management, and audit services.