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Who Benefits from Lease Administration

A Solution for the Whole Team

Lease administration is not only a solution for real estate teams. NLA’s lease administration service becomes integrated within our clients’ entire real estate process and strategy, which often encompasses accounting, legal, facilities, and management teams. 

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Teams Served


Real Estate

  • Never Miss a Critical Date
  • Reduce Risk (i.e. Ensuring Renewal Options are Never Missed)
  • Customizable Monthly Reporting
  • Rent Variance Report For Easy Review of Month-Over-Month Changes in Rent
  • CAM Reviews
  • Collection of Tenant Improvement Allowances
  • Landlord Dispute Resolution
  • Manage Income and Sublease Tenants


  • Customized Rent Payment Report for Easy Upload into AP System
  • Custom GL Accounts, Cost Centers, and Allocations
  • ASC 842 Compliance Guidance
  • Rent Invoice Review
  • Collection of Security Deposits
  • Collect Vendor W-9s


  • Secure Lease and Legal Document Storage Organized by Location
  • Guidance on Lease Language During Negotiations from Real Estate Experts
  • Continuously Updated Lease Abstracts for Efficient Clause Review
  • Review Estoppels for Accuracy with Lease


  • Tracking of Maintenance Responsibility Obligations
  • Guidance During Emergency Maintenance
  • Ability to Create Maintenance Tasks
  • Depository for Service and Maintenance Contracts 


  • Aid in Overall Strategy Decisions Based on Portfolio Analytics
  • Reduce Risk and Complement Existing Team for Less Than Costs of FTEs
  • Lease Assignment Reporting for Mergers and Acquisitions

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