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SAN DIEGO – National Lease Advisors, a leading provider of lease administration services, proudly announces surpassing the significant milestone of $1 million in savings for its clients during the year 2023. This remarkable achievement highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its ability to deliver substantial financial benefits to businesses with leased locations.

As a trusted partner in lease administration, National Lease Advisors employs a meticulous approach to reviewing CAM (Common Area Maintenance) reconciliations and identifying errors in landlord rent statements. These key areas have consistently proven to be instrumental in generating substantial cost savings for clients. By thoroughly examining CAM reconciliations, the company uncovers opportunities to optimize expenses and negotiate fair lease terms, resulting in substantial savings. Additionally, their expert team’s keen eye for detail allows them to detect and rectify mistakes in landlord rent statements, leading to significant monetary recoveries for their clients.

For the past two years, National Lease Advisors has successfully surpassed the $1 million savings benchmark for its clients. However, 2023 stands out as a particularly exceptional year, with the company reaching this impressive milestone at an accelerated pace. This achievement is a testament to National Lease Advisors’ continuous dedication to excellence, rigorous processes, and unwavering commitment to delivering maximum value to their clients.

“Our team is thrilled to have exceeded the $1 million savings mark for our lease administration clients in 2023,” said Michael Muna, Vice President at National Lease Advisors. “We take great pride in our ability to uncover cost-saving opportunities and recover financial losses for our clients. This achievement showcases the trust our clients place in us and our relentless pursuit of their best interests. We remain committed to delivering exceptional results and further advancing their financial objectives.”

National Lease Advisors’ outstanding accomplishment underscores its position as an industry leader in lease administration services. With their expertise, personalized approach, and focus on maximizing client savings, they continue to set the standard for excellence in the field.

For more information about National Lease Advisors and their lease administration and lease audit services, please visit www.NationalLeaseAdvisors.com or contact Michael Muna at [email protected].

About National Lease Advisors: National Lease Advisors is a leading provider of lease administration services, specializing in helping businesses effectively manage their real estate portfolios. Their comprehensive range of services includes CAM reconciliation reviews, lease audits, rent statement analysis, and lease accounting. With a focus on quality service and client satisfaction, National Lease Advisors helps clients manage their lease portfolios effectively, reducing costs and optimizing their real estate strategy.